Achilles Georgiu
Professional Opinion Leader

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Once a participant said: “Today I learned something and not just learned about something”. Delivering thought provoking, intriguing lectures is always a big challenge, but not for Achilles as he loves to be challenged. This is what gets him in flow.
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Achilles is for sure a great story teller as he transfers his messages via entertaining stories. He considers delivering a keynote speech a big responsibility – it is more difficult to concisely talk for 15-20 minutes about a subject than spend 2 hours on the topic.
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Every communication channel has its unique challenges and need to be treated accordingly. Achilles makes his words more memorable by burning images in our minds through vivid metaphors in order to transfer his messages to any kind of audience.
Achilles is accessible 7/24 via many social media with 15 minutes confirmed reaction time.

Favorite topics to talk about…

Enterprise Innovation – Jazz band or Symphonic Orchestra?
Business without Technology is like Music without Instruments
The past ten years have brought a fundamental change in our lives, and the reason for the changes was technological development itself. Technologies of the new era are surrounded by data and are changing the business and market dynamics. There is no doubt that technology is re-shaping the business landscape but the main question is how and why now?

Is BigData the Future of Humanity of is it just another buzz?
The simplicity of BigData is a puzzle of complexity
Many people believe that BigData is a buzzword and it will not really change any of our business. Others believe that it will bring permanent changes in our life and the expect huge explosion of business opportunities. Is this a new phenomenon or did we had BigData problems earlier in history? One thing is sure that the simplicity of BigData is a puzzle of complexity and this will be the Enigma of our presentation…

Are you prepared for the digital invaders?
How the emerge of BigData is re-shaping our workplaces
In this technology driven business environment competition may come from anywhere. The business boundaries have been blurred and a disruptive innovation may even take many companies out of the game. Technology will replace a lot of regular jobs over 2 billion jobs will disappear by 2030. Not only in the production industry, but even office workers are in jeopardy and might be replaced by robots, artificial intelligence, big data, or automation…

SMART HEALTH – from Hippocrates to Watson
How will cognitive systems transform the future of healthcare?
The Hippocratic Oath has laid down the ever since unchanged foundations of medical sciences. Doctors would need to spend 29 hours per day on reading to stay up-to-date with the recent research developments – which is naturally impossible. In the next phase of development, we may expect revolutionary changes and thanks to the rapid development of technology within 5 years we may witness the re-interpretation of the ancient Greek wisdom.

Riding the waves of motivational cycle
What is more Agile a Zebra or a Lion?
In this continuously changing environment the way how we engage our people also need to be more adaptive than ever before. We are in the middle of a generation shift, millennial are penetrating our workplaces. The way how we motivate not only the young colleagues has to be more dynamic and it must be personalized. Individualized Incentives will have better impact. But overall, we are moving in the era of motivational roller-coaster, if a motivator energizes a person today might not bring the same results tomorrow. Leaders cannot motivate their people they can only create environments where people are motivated to work. But how to find which are the best motivators, and how their impact is changing over time? How empower people and boost team collaboration? How to drive the cultural change and keep the momentum going?

As an Opinion Leader his personal objective is to burn pictures in people’s mind via metaphors and visual stories in order to transform them into future e-Leaders, who understand technology evolution and the adaptation to everyday business environment with main emphasis on the human aspect and the personalised motivation.
Véleményvezérként elsődleges célja, hogy képeket rögzítsen az emberek fejébe metaforák és vizuális történetek segítségével annak érdekében, hogy e-Vezetőkké formálja őket, olyan emberekké, akik megértik a technológia fejlődését és képesek megfelelően adaptálni azt a mindennapos munkakörnyezetben kiemelt hangsúlyt fektetve az emberi oldalra és a személyre szabott motivációra.
Ως διαμορφωτής της κοινής γνώμης ο προσωπικός του στόχος είναι να χαράξει εικόνες στο μυαλό των ανθρώπων με τη χρήση μεταφορών και οπτικών ιστοριών, προκειμένου να μετατραπούν σε μελλοντικούς διευθύνοντες που κατανοούν την εξέλιξη της τεχνολογίας και την προσαρμογή της στο καθημερινό επιχειρηματικό περιβάλλον, με κύρια έμφαση στον ανθρώπινο παράγοντα και τα εξατομικευμένα κίνητρα.